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Cacá Macedo began his career as an actor at the of age of 12 in his hometown, Sao Paulo, Brazil. He began his artistic journey by exploring various Brazilian dance style. As a child curious about the arts, Cacá attended numerous courses in various artistic fields. He was a member of the exclusive Paidéia Young Theatre Company where he appeared in several shows. While working with the company he was fortunate to be mentored by established professions such as  Amauri Falseti and Flavio Porto.


At 18 he participated in a Brazilian national tour of a popular children’s show where he was one of the lead roles. Parallel to the theatre, Cacá Macedo danced at Andrea Bothomé Dance School and he had as the main disciplines Ballet, contemporary and ballroom dancing. To broaden his repertoire Cacá attended courses focusing on circus acrobatics.


  Cacá ‘s desire to incorporate international performing styles lead to him to Verscio, Switzerland where he attended ''Scuola Teatro Dimitri'' and received a degree in Physical Theatre. From school, Cacá has toured with various shows in Switzerland, Germany and Poland, and after his journey in Europe, he moved to New York to specialise in dance. He participated in the Independent Program at the Martha Graham School of Contemporary Dance and for a year as a student of an intensive dance education in the United States, Cacá still ran his routine with classes in acrobatics, yoga and acting for TV and film.


  In 2011 he joined the Streb Extreme Action Company where he was studying hard acrobatic techniques  and “Pop Action.” Cacá’s performative ability was evident when he was selected to perform as a guest dancer on tour with the Streb Company’s ''Kiss the Air'' show. In 2012, Cacá had participated in the ''One Extraordinary Day'' in the Olympics event in London with Streb, where he danced the ''Human Fountain'' and also the ''Human Eye'', participated in choreographing the spokes of the ferris wheel ''London Eye'' which lead to an event where he danced along with other Streb performers at the daunting heights 443 feet in the air. He currently lives in New York where he works as an actor and dancer. Recently he participated in  several music videos, short movies and TV commercials.

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